Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Turning Point

Everyone says that 6 weeks is the turning point with a newborn. By then some sort of schedule seems to form and they are more aware and alert. In the beginning, things were rough and I remember counting down the weeks till we hit the 6 week mark. And then around 4 1/2 to 5 weeks, things began to change. For us that time frame was the turning point. I am not sure why it was earlier. Could it be since he was almost 2 weeks over due? Who knows, but I can tell you one thing - Eddie's more alert and content when he is awake. We sort of have a night-time sleep schedule forming, he interacts with his toys and best of all - he smiles and laughs!

Last week we transitioned him from sleeping in our room at night to sleeping in his crib. I am now sleeping better because I don't hear every little sound that he makes when he sleeps (which resulted in me jumping up and checking on him repeatedly). For our family this has been a good transition and it has worked for us. We didn't rush moving him to his crib (his room is on the second floor while ours in on the main level), but after he fell asleep on his own in his crib during the day, I realized that I could do this and so that night we did. 

Of course we have ran into issues and challenges, but overall, I do agree that the 6 week point is great.  Not that we didn't enjoy Eddie before, but now it's a whole new level of enjoyment.  And we know that it will only continue to increase the older Eddie becomes.

The picture at the beginning of my blog was taken by our friend Ella yesterday.  I love it so much and I feel like it captures exactly what I am trying to express in this post.


Ella said...

I love that photo, too, I'm so glad you like it. It's so sweet :)

Eddie is a remarkable, happy little guy; yay for smiley babies!!

Abby said...

Enjoy it!!! And you're right, things just continue to get easier and their personality shines through more and more every week . . . enjoy every second. (And in case anyone gives you any unwanted comments about moving Eddie into his crib - we did the same thing with Vi and I slept SO much better once she was in her own crib!) =) LOVE the beautiful picture!!

JoAnne said...

Looks like a contented little Eddie there in your arms. Can't wait to see everyone Friday!