Monday, April 5, 2010

My Job

My current job is taking care of Eddie. I tell myself this as a reminder of what's important each day - my son. A part of me still can't believe he is here, but he is. And right now he takes up much of my time, which explains my lack of posting. I can't tell you where the time goes, but somehow each day passes and I find I have little time on my computer, or the time that I do have, is with only have one hand free (which makes typing really difficult). I still haven't finished typing up my birth story, but hope to finish that one day this week.

So - what have we been up to? Here are some random pictures.

Here is a picture of our first walk in our neighborhood last week. We have been blessed with awesome weather. Eddie loves riding in his car seat and often falls asleep quickly.

A lot of people have asked how Sammy is doing with his little brother. In a nutshell, very well. I think a large part of it has to do with the nice weather - he is spending as much time as possible outside. He also likes to lick Eddie, but we don't let him too much. At night when I get up to feed Eddie, Sammy will come and sleep out on the couch in living room while I am in the recliner. Then he'll go back to bed with me. It's kind of nice to have him out there with me. Here is a picture of Sammy meeting Eddie for the first time.

Last week Ella stopped by with her daughter Eliza. Eliza is 4 months older than Eddie and as you can see, she is quite fascinated with him!

And of course - here is Eddie in part of his Easter outfit (thank you Laura!). He peed on the top before we could take pictures of it, but he is in the hat and pants here. This is him after his Easter Egg hunt with Grandma Jo. As you can see it wore him out!
I hope to post a little more frequently, but we'll see how that goes. Last week my parents were here all week. I loved having them here to help out! Today Eddie had a visit from his great aunt Margit and great uncle Dale (and cousins Brad and Doug), and from Grandma Nimz, Auntie Abbie and cousin Anna. Uncas took a half day off of work to see everyone too. I hope to post pictures of the visit soon.

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Ella said...

Best job in the world!!!