Saturday, April 17, 2010

One Month

Mama and Eddie

Happy One Month Birthday Edward! I can't believe it's been one month already! When I look at Edward's newborn pictures, I think he looks completely different already. He's been growing like crazy and I love his cute, plump cheeks. I am constantly kissing them.

It's been a fast month and I can barely remember what life was like before Edward arrived. And the changes we have noticed aren't all physical. It's so fun to see his developmental changes as well. Here are some things from this first month:

- Edward is the only person who likes my singing. I am terrible and quite off-key, but he loves it. Unfortunately I don't know/remember many kid's songs. I have some cds that I need to listen to, to expand my set list.

- my favorite feature of Eddie's are his sideburns. They are so cute!!!

- Eddie hates a wet diaper. When we change him, sometimes he is downright giddy to have a dry diaper on. That doesn't keep him from kicking like crazy, which makes diapering a challenge, but he is happy.

- Eddie loves the water. We haven't given him a lot of baths, but when we do, he loves them! No crying while in his little tub. Sometimes when we dry him off, but not always.

- when Eddie was 8 days old we started using cloth diapers. At first we weren't too sure about them, but as time has gone on, we do like them. For as many diapers as he goes through right now, it definitely seems like the way to go. We are washing them ourselves, but it really isn't that hard. Originally we were using disposables at night, but switched to cloth when he started blowing out the disposables. We just use prefolds with covers - nothing fancy, but they work!

- The bouncy seat tends to have a soothing effect on Eddie, which is helpful. The bouncy seat allows me to take showers during the week when Uncas is at work.

- Eddie likes the car seat which enables me to get out and about a lot during the week. This also means we can take walks (which Sammy loves!)

- The week that he stayed with us, Grandpa B. bought Eddie a stuffed giraffe that plays Rock-a-bye Baby. We call it the magical giraffe because when we put Eddie in the Pack N Play, we wind up the giraffe and he just loves it! We often run over and quick have to wind it back up before the music stops.

- Sometimes when he is sleeping, he snores a little - just like his Mama!

There's probably so much more, but it's hard to remember everything. He amazes us daily and we constantly say "oh look how cute he is!"

We took a picture of Eddie today with his stuffed whale that Grandma Jo bought for him (because if Grandpa bought him something, then Grandma has to as well!) We hope to take pictures of him with it each month.


JoAnne said...

Happy 1 month birthday Baby Eddie.

Grandma Jo

LisaD said...

Happy one month bday Eddie and congrats to Mommy and Daddy for surviving the first month! I can't wait to meet you!!!

Saffron Viola Blume said...

Happy 1 Month Eddie....I can't wait to meet you....I'm getting a pile of toys ready to take to Grandma's so we can play...

Love you,