Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Weekend Recap

Truth be told, we really aren't much of Halloween people.  I do like to get my dog costumes to wear, but that's really just for any occasion.  I figure next year when we have a little kiddo, We will be more into it.  And actually, the only reason why I really liked getting dressed up when I was younger is because I wanted the candy!

Saturday morning I carved our pumpkin.  I wanted to do a dachshund face, but after consulting the picture that I had, I decided it was too hard.  I went with this instead:

It's a cat (with green eyes).  I got this pumpkin carving kit several years ago (when Reid and I were still dating) and I hadn't used it.  It was actually really easy and the little tools it came with worked super well.  I plan on using it again next year!

Funny story about carving the pumpkin.  I was bringing the pumpkin inside from our front stoop and of course I grabbed it by the stump.  As I was carrying it through the living room, the stump broke off and the pumpkin crashed to the floor.  Uncas in the other room asked if I was ok.  I said that I was carrying the pumpkin by the handle and it broke off.  He replied "It's NOT a handle!!!"

Mama in action carving the pumpkin

Sammy supervising pumpkin carving

 Front of our house

While I was excited to pass out candy to the trick or treaters, someone else in our family, doesn't really care for Halloween.  I think Sammy was super confused to why the doorbell kept ringing.  He would bark and bark, and sometimes run to our side door.  Poor dog - it was a long night for him.

Sammy waiting for the doorbell to ring.

Sitting on Daddy's lap with his costume.

We had a lot less trick or treaters than last year.  In a way, because of Sammy, it was a good thing.  I don't know if the cold weather was keeping people away or the flu.  We ended up with lots of candy leftover :-(

The rest of the weekend was fairly low key.  Uncas finished up a little project in the bathroom (molding on the ceiling) and I did some studying.  Sunday we had Josh over to watch the Vikings/Packers game. (Go Vikings!)

This weekend marked my 22 week.  I am sure some people could care less about these weekly belly photos, but too bad.  These are for my mom :-)


A quick story about that shirt - I have a couple of shirts that my mom bought for me back in August.  At the time they were very big, but I knew that they would come in handy one day.  On Saturday I saw this one in my closet and that - wow - that is going to be too big.  And then I tried it on.  Yeah - I guess it's not really that big anymore, because it seems to fit just fine . . .

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LisaD said...

Keep those belly pictures coming! You are looking fantastic! I love seeing your progress! And I cannot wait to see you in person in December!!!!!! :D