Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Baby Pictures

Sorry that I have been MIA.  I haven't been feeling the greatest the past week, mainly due to lack of sleep.  And to be honest, not much exciting has been going on.  Uncas went hunting this past weekend.  While he didn't "catch" anything, his dad did get a deer on Sunday morning.  He is hoping for better luck this coming weekend.  I stayed home and cleaned, did homework and hosted book club.  This weekend my parents are coming in town to keep me company, do some shopping, and of course, it's that time of year to bake Christmas cookies!

The title of this post refers to our most recent ultrasound.  Yes, we actually had another ultrasound scheduled for this morning.  The results of our first one back in October showed that little Nimzlet had more fluid than normal in its kidneys.  This is a pretty common finding in ultrasounds, and often the problem just corrects itself. 

This morning's ultrasound went really well.  They are still finding slightly more fluid than normal levels in the kidneys, so we'll go back at 32 weeks for another ultrasound to monitor the baby.  At this point Uncas and I are not worried.  Everything else on the baby is looking great.  We had an awesome tech and she gave us lots of pictures.  Here are some of the best:

Baby sucking its thumb - takes after Mama!

Cute little toes!  The second toe is measuring the longest - takes after Daddy.

And my favorite picture:

Yawning!  Apparently it was up too early today!

Despite the yawn, I can assure you that little Nimzlet was quite the active one today.  Even the tech could feel it moving around as it kicked me!  We still do not know the gender as the tech had us look away when she checked between the legs.  Last week I was convinced it was a girl, but this week I am leaning back towards a boy again. 


Kellys said...

Those are GREAT ultrasound pictures. Sometimes you can't really tell what you are looking at, but that is not the case here. Love the toes!

Jbird said...

What great photos. I don't think ours were ever that clear!