Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pictures of Our Day with Saffron

We had such a fun day yesterday meeting Saffron. We left The Cities early in the morning and drove to Madison. We were the first to arrive and Saffron was finishing up some lunch. But as soon as she finished, I got to hold her. She is cuter in person than in the pictures! And she is so very sweet too! The night before, she slept from 11:30-5:00 am, so Jeanna and Derek were fairly rested. Later on my parents arrived with my grandma and we all stayed for dinner too. My aunt, uncle and two cousins also stopped by to meet Saffron. She was so good even as we took turns holding her and passing her around.

Tina and Snoopy have been doing fairly well adjusting to having Saffron around the house. Tina is a protective older sister and just loves licking and looking at Saffron. When Derek asks her "Where's Saffron?", Tina will run around the room, hop up to look in the bassinet and then finally find her in Jeanna's arms eating. It's so cute. Apparently, she also will get up a number of times during the night and go over to the bassinet to check on Saffron as well. Snoopy isn't quite as enthralled by her . . .but he still seems to be adjusting. Both dogs enjoyed having Sammy over and they spent a lot of time running around outside.

We drove home early evening and fortunately the drive was very uneventful. Not much traffic and a very tired out little puppy made for a peaceful ride. I took a lot pictures of little Saffron. Here them out!

My mom also took some pictures. Some are very similar, but can you really have too many of a new baby?!

Today we had a very lazy Sunday. I mean, VERY lazy. I didn't leave the couch very much and basically spent the whole morning cuddling the puppy. He seemed to know that I was tired and just need to rest with him. My dear Uncas was very sweet, buying me donuts and juice, taking the puppy out, cleaning up the kitchen and removing a dead bunny from our yard. I did manage to take the puppy for a walk later today, but that's about it. Now I am alternating watching the Bears game (let's hope at least one team from Chicago wins today!) and the MTV VMA's. I am officially too old because I am bored to tears by the awards show and there are people that I have no idea who they are and I am unfamiliar with many of the songs . . . the best part for me is seeing Travis Barker playing drums in the house band (which apparently a band consists of a DJ and a drummer - who knew?!)


Jess said...

Aww, how cute is she?!?! Congratulations Auntie Summer!!

I'm glad I wasn't the only person bored by the VMA's. I knew I was too old when I started feeling uncomfortable about all the jokes involving inappropriate things with minors. Or maybe I'm just smarter than MTV...

Jbird said...

Congrats Auntie!

I think someone is ready to be a Mommy! You won't have lazy days on the couch any more=)

I too tried to watch the VMA's. I lasted about 10 minutes.