Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photos - Upstairs Improvements

Before I put the link to the pictures of our newly improved bathroom (and upstairs), here is a "before" picture.
Click here to see the after pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, today Uncas and I went to the Twins game. It's their last game of the regular season. It was a fun game - they lead the whole time and scored 6 runs. We have to wait and see if the White Sox win tomorrow. If they lose - the Twins go to the play-offs. If the Sox win, the two teams will have to play one game on Tuesday to determine who goes to the playoffs.
Uncas and I in our new Twins shirts.

No post can be complete without a cute picture of Sammy.

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LisaD said...

Nice work!! Everything seems to be coming together fabulously in the house! :D