Sunday, September 28, 2008

Behind on the Updates

It's been a long, slow week, and I know that I am behind on updating my blog. Last weekend Uncas and I finished up working on the upstairs of our house. I haven't posted much about it because his mom was coming to stay with us this week, and we wanted it to be a surprise. We repainted the bathroom, replaced the medicine cabinet, added a shelf and small cabinet. I have pictures on my camera, but the dog's on my lap sleeping and God forbid I move and disturb him! I promise to post later this week (or possibly later tonight). We also finished up the guest room by adding a small night stand and a new Roman shade. Uncas organized his office and hung some pictures and I unpacked books in my office. It looks so great up there now. It was fun showing off our hard work.

The rest of the week has been comsumed by work - Blah. Things are super busy, but I don't like talking about work on my blog, so enough about that!

This weekend is proving to be a lot of fun. Friday night we just hung out at home. I caught up on my tv shows while Uncas played his new computer game. Yesterday we hung out and didn't do much during the day. Last night we got together with Josh and Jaron. Josh made chili and cornbread and I brought over apple crisp with caramel sauce. Yummy food for a fall night. After dinner we headed out to bowl! It was a lot of fun and I surprisingly didn't do too terrible. Jaron was the best bowler in the group, but Uncas rocked the last game!

Today we are going to the Twins game. They are currently in first place and need to win today! If they win and the White Sox lose, then the Twins will go to play-offs. It's going to be lots of fun. I even went out yesterday and bought Uncas and myself Twins shirts! And on that note, I need to get the laundry - it's done and you will note that I will move the dog for that! :-)

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