Sunday, April 13, 2008

Packing Weekend

We spent much of this weekend packing. We are trying to take advantage of the time that we have before we close on our house, because after the close, we will be busy at the new place.

Here is a picture of our white trash living room with 2 tv's right next to each. You will notice that one of them is not hooked up.

Uncas calls this picture Central Park - we have had to move our plants around to make room for boxes. Poor things - I hope they can survive for a couple of months like this.
Yesterday I ran 4 miles, packed, did laundry and decided to bake a chocolate cake - yum. It just came out ok, but that hasn't stopped me or Uncas from eating it!
Here is a picture of our white trash wood clamps. Uncas was repairing a broken bookshelf and pulled a MacGyver and used what was handy.
Here is a picture of all my Clinique Bonus bags that I found in another bag. I got rid of a few earlier this and had no idea that I still had this many - kind of embarrassing!
Over all, we did really well this weekend. It's a good thing because next weekend I will be in Seattle and Uncas is having a guy's night.

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