Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Break

I always loved the summertime when I was in school. It meant warm weather, daylight until after 8 pm and no homework. Lately I have been feeling very unmotivated to blog. In fact, I didn't even take one single picture this weekend.

So, I have decided to give myself a little break from the blog and hopefully some time off from the computer. With the nice weather and longer daylight hours, I want to be spending more time outside in the yard - doing yard work, playing with the puppy, etc. Lately I feel like I have been getting sucked into the computer, wasting countless hours on nothing very important. And because I haven't been blogging, I have been feeling guilty about it, which seems a little silly.

I am just going to take a two month break. I figure by August 1st I will be ready to be back. I might still post a picture or two every now and then as we do have a few big events this summer (wedding, a couple of receptions, and a cute puppy dog), but as for the regular what I have been up to posts - you'll just have to follow me on Twitter or FaceBook. Have a great summer and see you in August!


LisaD said...

Aw - I'll miss your entries. But your plan makes total sense!! Enjoy your break! :D

JoAnne said...